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Payday Loan Requirements

Payday Loans

What is required to be approved for a payday loan? Well it is simple, there are 3 basic requirements to be qualified for a payday loan. 1. Permanent employment, 2. A valid South African Identity number and 3. Your 3 months bank statement or your latest payslip. There are other factors such as affordability which is an NCR requirement.

If you find yourself scratching around for coins to get you through the end of the month there's a good chance that you may want to consider a payday loan. Before you do that, you should ask yourself the following: Is there a valid reason to take out a payday loan? Will I be able to pay back the what I have borrowed? Will it impact me to the extent where I will not be able to meet my other commitments? These questions can seem to be the last thing on your mind but should be asked to avoid any financial problems.

Payday Loans Interest

Always make sure that you take the interest into consideration with the loan amount, for example if you borrow R1000 and pay back R1150.00 ensure that you have updated your budget for the loan and interest amount that will be required for the repayment. This will help you not to fall short the following month due to the added debt and interest. Adjustments to your budget can help you better manage your finances which will in turn help you to make better financial decisions.

It is always wise to be a credit conscious consumer and make calculated decisions when you use credit facilities such as online payday loans. It has been said that each person’s situation differs from one to the other which is true however as a golden rule, one should always remember that impulse purchases such as a brand-new TV when you have one or a that snazzy new handbag does not qualify as a good credit decision. These sorts of decisions can lead to an adverse credit record and may damage your chances of applying for credit in the future. If you are a young man or women looking to purchase a home in future or if you are already are a home owner that would like to purchase a second in future, remember it all starts with a clear credit record.

Spending payday loans

Always ensure that you use money wisely and have a record for the money that you spend on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. Although a bit daunting at first but then becomes a good habit and but will help you in the long run.

Taking the above into consideration, should you find yourself in a situation and require a fast payday loan, we can assist you today.


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