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Personal Loan Approval

Approved Personal Loans

Personal loans have become a popular choice for many South Africans looking for larger sums of money. Personal loans are a long-term solution to long-term purchases and should be carefully considered before applying.

If you find yourself needing a long-term loan which offers higher amounts than payday loans you may want to consider obtaining a personal loan. Before you do that, you should ask yourself the following: Is there a valid reason to take out a personal loan? Will I be able to pay back the what I have borrowed, and will it impact me to the extent where I will not be able to meet my other commitments? Although these questions can seem a bit strong, it is good to be open with yourself, so you know what you are getting yourself into.

Always make sure that you take the interest into consideration with the loan amount for example if you borrow R100,000.00 and pay back R130,000.00 over the loan period, always ensure that you have updated your debt records for the loan and interest amount that will be required for repayment. By doing this you are preparing yourself for each month, so you know exactly what to expect and when to expect it. Often an increased debit order can throw a huge spanner in the works as you have not budgeted for the increase. While this is often overlooked it is in your best interests to know exactly how much money you owe to your creditors at any given moment to keep in line with your budget and adjust where necessary.

Many people often ask, how do I get my loan approved? While there is no secret formula to getting a personal loan approved here are some valuable tips which will help you on you quest to obtaining a personal loan.

Number 1. Check your credit score and see if you have a good record, this is generally the first point that lenders look at (there are various site that allows this such as Credit Experian or Transunion). 2. Pay you other commitments on time to ensure that you maintain a healthy credit record, should you need credit in future this this will count in your favor. 3. Another major factor is affordability, are you able to repay the loan? Realistically if you earn R10,000 and if your current debts are R9,500 there is a very small chance of being approved however if you earn R5,000 and only have debts of R1,200 you are more likely to qualify for a personal loan. If you are married in community of property you also need your spouse’s consent when applying for a personal loan,

We always encourage much thought and planning behind any financial decision especially those that relate to loans both big and small. Are you ready to get that loan? Let us help you today.


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